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   Thursday, November 23rd   
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Outdoor Fun

For a full listing of local city parks, see the Anchorage Park Foundation Directory.

Kincaid Park: A very large city park with an extra helping of amenities.

Far North Bicentennial Park: The largest park in Anchorage, with miles of trails for hiking, skiing, and other recreational uses.

Chugach State Park: A huge state park with much to offer in outdoor sports and activities.

Denali National Park and Wilderness: This is primarily a Federal park, but with sections of state park. Much of this area is difficult to get to, and much of it is a wildlife preserve, but camping, backpacking, snowmachining, and other (non-hunting) activities are popular. The park surrounds Mount McKinley ("Denali" in Athabaskan - locals may use this name for McKinley). Anyone camping or going alone into Denali is required to take classes on dealing with bears.

Alaska Botanical Garden: Dedicated to northern horticulture and studying native species, these gardens provide a lot of value to the garden enthusiast.

The Alaska Zoo: This small but dedicated zoo is focused on education and animal rehabilitation. Most of the animals are suited for the climate; tigers, bears, (no lion, oh my), snow leopards, foxes, yaks, owls, eagles, and other self-warming creatures.

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights: You can see the Lights in Anchorage, but not as well as other parts of Alaska, partly because Anchorage is a bit southerly (for Alaska) but mostly because of light pollution from city lights and other urban light sources. If you go out away from the city, you may see the Lights better.

Wildlife Viewing: There are lots of wildlife viewing opportunities in Alaska, and the ADFG site has guidelines on wildlife spotting for non-hunters. A few areas require permits, mainly in reserves and sanctuaries. Remember to be careful around wild animals and give them plenty of space; they don't know you're just watching.

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