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   Thursday, November 23rd   
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Local Sports

Skiing: The Anchorage area is well suited to cross country and downhill skiing, and there are plenty of local resorts.

Dog Sledding: The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is run yearly from Anchorage to Nome. This major event is a draw from around Alaska and the world. The Rendezvous Open World Championship Sled Dog Races and the Fur Rendezvous (or Fur Rondy) are part of the local winter festivals, and include games, sports (especially dog sledding, but also hockey, ice skating, a street race, ice bowling, and lots of other sports fun), fur trading, a beard contest, snow sculpting, and generally a lot of fun.

Alaska Baseball League: This collegiate baseball league of six teams is Alaska's own contribution to America's pastime. The Anchorage teams are the Bucs and the Glacier Pilots - they have a crosstown rivalry, of course, and both play at Mulcahy Stadium.

Alaska Aces: This minor league hockey team is based in Anchorage - they've won three championships and two Kelly Cups since 2005.

UAA Seawolves: The University of Alaska main branch fields a good athletics program, the Seawolves, best known for their men's ice hockey team, also fielding basketball, cross country, track & field, gymnastics, skiing, and volleyball teams.

Alaska Quakes: This ABA team is based in Anchorage, and plays at a local middle school.

Rage City Rollergirls: Local roller derby league, with three teams.

Hunting: Alaska has great hunting! The Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulates big and small game in Alaska, Big game includes bison, black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, dall sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, and muskox; regulations on small game and waterfowl are relatively light, but check their website carefully - some areas have tighter restrictions than others. The ADFG website also has notes on military licensing issues (mainly when residency applies). Trapping in Alaska includes marten, wolf, lynx, wolverine, beaver, fox, mink, red fox, otter, coyote, ermine/weasel, and muskrat.

Fishing: Alaska is a huge state, with many fishing areas. Freshwater fishing near Anchorage strongly favors salmon, including coho, king, and pink salmon, lake, rainbow, and Dolly Varden trout, smelt, Arctic char, and Arctic grayling.
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